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Winter Trend: Snakeskin

January 13, 2019


So I’ve noticed a trend that seems to be pretty much everywhere. That trend is snakeskin! It has been so prevalent on my Instagram feed with fashionable bloggers and influencers. I even saw an article that asked “Is snakeskin the new animal print?” Now, I wouldn’t go that far because I could never abandon my beloved leopard print. However, I am always open to more options and as the name of my blog suggests, I follow what are the latest trends. So, I figured I’d give this whole snake skin thing a whirl and I did that by starting with python print skirt.

Trends are tricky because most of the time, they are temporary fads that become popular as quickly as they fade away. They are also styles that we sometimes look back on and ask ourselves, ” what were we thinking?!” This trend, however, I don’t believe is one of those things. While I don’t think that snake print is as timeless as some of the classics, I do think that it is something that will have some longevity. The color palette is fairly neutral which makes it easy to style. It also is versatile enough to transcend seasons. These two factors greatly contribute to the length of time that it sticks around.

Just like any other print, it can take the form of many different garments. So in addition to skirts, I’ve seen snakeskin on pants, dresses and even jackets. This skirt is unfortunately low on stock but I’ve listed some other styles that you can take advantage of to be a part of this trend. Check them out below!

Outfit details:

Jacket: Similar here | Tank Top: Sejour | Skirt: Ashley Stewart (wearing 18/20). Similar here

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Coat Check

January 6, 2019

Believe it or not, it’s actually cold in Los Angeles. It may be cold according to California standards but I personally think that temperatures in the 40s at night is frigidly cold! I’m sure some of you that are experiencing true Winters and snow are rolling your eyes…and I get it. The point is that it is much cooler here than it normally is so I’m taking this opportunity to ramp up my Winter wardrobe. That means wearing scarves, boots and yes actually coats!

Now, being a Los Angeles native, I barely own a coat. I have one at the back of my closet that probably doesn’t even fit anymore. However, I actually have been searching for one that is stylish yet functional. One that I can wear during chilly nights at home as well as when I go out of town. A classic camel coat is a Winter must-have however, I stumbled on this beautiful pink one and literally gasped. I never knew that I needed a pink coat until that very moment and purchased it immediately.

Winter clothing is pretty muted and colorless so I was excited to see a coat of this nature in such a bright hue. It brings a little excitement to outerwear and I am all about color. I decided to keep the look pretty simple with a white tank top and NYDJ jeans. Wearing a coat off the shoulders is very Californian, I know, but I also think it looks very chic. I finished off the outfit with my favorite pair of leopard pumps because let’s be honest, leopard goes with everything. Winter coat…check!

Outfit details:

Coat: City Chic | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: NYDJ (Similar here) | Shoes: Steve Madden

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

New Year’s Eve 2018

December 31, 2018


Wow! What a year it has been! I first have to thank and praise God for showering me with tremendous blessings this year. I am overwhelmed by His constant grace and how he has kept me, my mind, my health, my family…the list goes on. This year has been life changing in many ways and I am just filled with so much gratitude.

Aside from Christmas, New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite holidays. I love the notion of taking a moment to reflect on all that has transpired throughout the year and setting goals/prayers for the next. I know that there is this stigma around making New Year’s resolutions and this “New Year, new me” mentality but I happen to enjoy it. I like the idea of coming into the New Year anew with a new mindset, new motivation and a new perspective. I think that we should all be evolving so an ending can serve as a reminder to keep growing.

So with that said, I pray that this next year is your best yet! I hope that you experience new things, travel to new places and live a life of purpose. I pray that you are not  fear but that you have an unwavering confidence to do and be anything you wish. I envision new businesses, new home ownership, new love (of self or of another) and new blessings. I hope this New Year exceeds your expectations.

Wishing you the best year ever!

Outfit Details:

Dress: Nordstrom | Faux Fur Stole: Nordstrom

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Best of 2018: Plus Size Fashion

December 30, 2018


Here we are, at the end of 2018! What a blessing that is to say! I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support you all have shown me. It truly does not go unnoticed and I hope that I convey my gratitude to the magnitude that I feel. I never expected or even planned on this little blog becoming what it is today. I started TrendyCurvy with the pure intention of representing women that look like me in a fashionable light. Now, five years later, this community has formed of women that I could have only dreamed to inspire. Thank you for every like, every comment, every direct message…just everything. I wanted to compile ten of my top posts of the year so without further adieu, here they are. Looking forward to what 2019 has to bring!

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Photographer: Steve Suavemente