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September 9, 2019


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you know that I have been in New York for Fashion Week and CurvyCon these past few days. It always is a great time to celebrate fashion and plus size at the same time. One thing that I take away from this trip every year is how inspired I am about fashion. The city is marked with the most fashionable trend setters from across the globe. You can’t help but just to soak it all in and think about how you can translate to your own style. Although I have my own aesthetics of which I love and work for me, it’s always good to try new things.

One of the hottest trends that I have been seeing everywhere undoubtedly is animal print. Any and every type of animal print that you can think of from snake skin, to the classic leopard and even tiger stripes. Animal prints are always popular for Fall, but this season, it seems like it’s heightened even more.

So this skirt is perfectly in line with what is trending at the moment. I love a good pleated skirt and the print just takes this to the next level. The snake print is subtle but it is highlighted by this beautiful color. I’ve always dressed rather simply so today is no different. I paired the skirt with a black crop top and high heels sandals. However, I can’t wait to turn this into an even more Fall look once the temperatures go down and pair it with a moto jacket and some chic booties.

Check out all of the outfit details below!

Outfit Details:

Top: ASOS (similar) | Skirt: Bar III | Shoes: Target

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Dare to Jump

September 1, 2019


Oh jumpsuits, how I love thee! Jumpsuits are an outfit all-in-one that never ceases to look chic and effortless. During the Fall especially, jumpsuits become a staple in my wardrobe. I love the versatility of them as well as their ease of wear. Because of that, they are great Summer-to-Fall transition pieces. You can add layers on top of a jumpsuit and you can easily swap out sandals for pumps or booties.

One of the things that I enjoy the most about jumpsuits is that you are never too over or under dressed. They are my go-to for those times where I’m unsure of the attire or what type of clothing I should wear. In those moments, you can never go wrong with reaching for a jumpsuit. It is as classic and timeless an an LBD.

This particular jumpsuit from New York & Company, I could not resist. The color alone is just divine and such a beautiful shade for the Fall palette. Plus, I saw that the fabric has some stretch to it, which is always essential in my case. I decided to take a chance and order an XXL online. As you can see, it fit perfectly! It has just the right amount of stretch to conform to my curves and fit in all the right places. Since temperatures are still warm, it’s great that the jumpsuit is sleeveless. However in the later months, I can add a moto jacket or a blazer to be more appropriate for the weather.

Be sure to check out the outfit details below!

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: New York & Company (wearing a size XXL. I’m normally a size 18 & the jumpsuit does have stretch) | Shoes: Target

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Transitional Style

August 22, 2019


This post is sponsored by Walmart. All opinions are my ownSummer to Fall

While I love Summer and it still has a good amount of time left, I admittedly am excited about Fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion trends and style. The colors, prints and fabrics I just love.  And while I’m all for letting each season run its course until the new one arrives, it’s pretty difficult to do that during the Summer/Fall transition. Retailers and stores are already flooded with Fall garments in anticipation of the upcoming season. There were sweaters, jackets, and animal prints galore. So, I can’t help but dabble here and there, integrating those styles into my current wardrobe.

We Dress America

This look that I’m wearing is head-to-toe Walmart! Walmart has always been known for their amazing prices but I feel like they have really stepped up the fashion game in particular. Having collaborations with Sofia Vergara, Ellen Degeneres and more is really a new direction for the brand. Also, with their “We Dress America” slogan, it encompasses a whole slew of brands that are marked with current and trendy fashions. It really makes it a one-stop-shop where you can get your entire look at very affordable prices.

Transitional Fashion Pieces

One of my favorite items for Fall is a duster cardigan. Aside from it being so comfortable and warm, they really do add a chic style element to an otherwise simple outfit. Also, they are great transition pieces as you can use it for layering. I chose an oatmeal color to keep things light & airy for the Summer (even though they have several beautiful shades that you should definitely check out). This cardigan is incredibly soft and everything you want a sweater to be. I paired it with light colored skinny jeans, along with matching beige strappy sandals for those semi-casual Summer weekends. And that’s it! A simple Summer outfit, that can easily transition to Fall, all for amazing prices (no really, check out the prices of these things!). Check out all of the details below!

Outfit Details:


Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Maximum Style

August 18, 2019


This post is sponsored by Lane Bryant. All opinions are my own

Summer is still going strong which means that maxi dress season is still in effect. Have I mentioned how much a love a good maxi dress? If you didn’t know already, you know now. This easy garment is an outfit all-in-one, which is perfect for those days where you just need quick style. With the Summer heat, I am always looking for no-fuss, breathable looks that I can put on at a moments notice.

In addition to the style that is perfectly suited for the season, this maxi dress features a bold print is sure to make a statement. Floral print is a classic and will absolutely never go out of style. Part of that reason is because of how versatile it is and how you can have many different variations of this pattern. I love the vibrant green color as the base to match all of the saturated greenery that this time of the year provides. It is contrasted with bold yellow, orange and red flowers that just make everything pop. Prints such as these can be intimidating from head-to-toe, however, they really add so much dimension to an outfit.

Wrap dresses of any kind are super flattering, especially on larger busts and curvy bodies. This one suited my frame so well by creating a v-neck at the bust, accentuating my waist, as well as having a double layer at the midsection. It really serves two purposes with concealing as well as enhancing. I finished off the look with some gold accessories, also from Lane Bryant to really bring everything together. Be sure to check out all of the outfit details below!

Outfit Details:

Dress | Bangles | Earrings: Lane Bryant

Photographer: Steve Suavemente