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Fitting In

July 26, 2018


My Blog Story

I started blogging in September of 2013. I was just like any other person in that I was working in an office trying to make use of my college degree. My plan was simple. Get jobs in the Marketing field of which I received my degree in and gradually work my way up the corporate ladder (pretty standard for a college grad). I really had no intentions of doing anything else. Then came blogging. Social media really opened my eyes to other like-minded women who were plus size yet still loved fashion. It was such an exciting time to discover these bloggers, fashionistas and activists of whom I had no knowledge of prior to. Up until then, the only available resources were the media, which we know was nonexistent for plus size women, and my own environment. Needless to say that I was inspired!

Growing Up Plus

For most of my adolescence and throughout high school, I was “plus size” in that I was bigger than the majority of my friends. Contrary to popular belief though, I was not really insecure about it. Of course, every teenage girl has her fair share of insecurities but I did not let my body hold me back. I played sports, dated, was very social and was even nominated by my peers for Homecoming queen in high school. I loved shopping with my friends even though sometimes my size just wasn’t there. Fortunately, I had a very supportive upbringing that really made weight a non-issue.

Much of the media story lines surrounding bigger girls include her being insecure, unpopular, unfashionable, etc. and I just could never relate. So when I finally was introduced to blogging, I had found a community that I never knew existed but always knew I belonged in. I was still very hesitant to start my own blog though, but with the encouragement (and push) of my loved ones, TrendyCurvy was born. The rest is history. I began to receive confirmation that this was my true path from countless women of whom I’ve inspired. It’s really a ripple effect from being inspired to now inspiring and beyond. This is what I was meant to do and this is my perfect fit.

When something fits you, you feel most confident and secure. That goes for your career path, relationships and of course clothing. I am constantly harping about making sure your clothes fit your body. It’s not about measurements or the number on the label but it’s about how it makes you feel. You know when something is a perfect fit for you.

Express Extended Sizes

Last month, I announced that Express extended their sizing up to a size 18 in store as well as online. It’s always exciting when brands strive to service a wider range of bodies. While not a complete plus size extension, it’s still very much plus friendly and I was very curious to try their denim. I am a true size 18 so I was nervous about whether or not their denim would fit me. That’s typically a key factor for size extensions is how their denim follows suit. I am so pleased to say that their denim not only fit but fit well! They have stretch so they just conformed around my every curve.

Finding the perfect fit in your career, love life and even a pair of denim can be a liberating experience. What you remember most is how you felt as though it was made just for you and that is priceless.

Be sure to shop Express’ extended sizing and check out below for some other denim favorites of mine!

Outfit details:

Olive Blouse | Tank Top | Ripped Denim | Heeled Sandals (similar) : Express*

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by Express. All opinions are my own

Tickled Pink

July 22, 2018


Still nervous about wearing bright colors this season? Well, let me help you out. One of the reasons that I love blogging is because I get the opportunity to debunk some common myths and misconceptions about what plus size women can and cannot wear. By showcasing these styles on myself, my hope is that you will see that these “rules” have really no basis and are not to be followed. Of course, we all want our clothes to flatter our bodies but that never means that you have be excluded from trends or styles completely.

There are several things that stuck with me for a very long time that I just did not wear. The first is about wearing white denim and really white in general. I’ve always had this notion that white makes you look bigger especially if you are bottom heavy. I wonder where I got that from? (thanks media) So of course, I never wore white jeans really until I started blogging. And I know that like me, many women stay away from certain things such as bright colors, prints and even whole garments like shorts and dresses because of what they’ve been told will not flatter them. I’m here to tell you, not so!

So here I am with my size 18 bottom in a bright pink fitted pencil skirt in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. All I felt was confident, stylish and comfortable in my own skin. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zones and try something that you would not normally wear. I promise you the fear of it is all in your head and that you will realize that there was no reason to stay away from it in the first place. Live this Summer liberated, colorful and free!

Outfit details:

Top: JcPenney | Skirt: Eloquii | Bag: Sole Society (sold out). Similar clutch here | Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Business Casual

July 15, 2018


Every woman needs that go-to look that can be worn across a myriad of occasions. For me, that look always starts with a plus size blazer. Blazers are traditionally seen as work attire, however they are so much more than that. Because there are various styles of blazers, it allows them to be worn in many different ways. This makes them an ultra-versatile piece. Blazers can be paired with everything from dresses and skirts to jeans and yes even shorts. They are perfect for those “in-between” moments where you don’t want to be too dressed up nor too dressed down. As classic as an LBD is, blazers are just as timeless and will never go out of style.

The Perfect Plus Size Blazer

There are a couple of things that I look for when shopping for blazers to ensure that I get the most wear possible. The first is the design and material. I tend to lean more towards blazers that don’t have a lot of structure and that a good amount of stretch. It not only aides in comfort but it also allows you to dress it up or down which widens your style options. The second is the length. I love long-line blazers that hit just at the hip. They create the perfect proportions for wearing with shorts, dresses and skirts.

So of course with it being the Summertime, I had to rock my blazer with a pair of denim shorts. You may not have thought that you couldn’t rock a blazer with shorts but I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can! It’s the best of both worlds and perfect for this time of year. The bright yellow color is on-trend for the season and I just added some leopard pumps for a fun print. A little bit a business, a little bit of casual, a whole lot of style!

Outfit Details:

Blazer: ASOS | Tank Top: Old Navy | Shorts: Kut from the Kloth (Alternative Option)| Shoes: Nine West

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Summer In The City

July 13, 2018


Plus Size Summer DressUrban Outfitters Lace Up SandalsCity Chic Plus Size Printed Cold-Shoulder Dress

Summer has officially hit in Los Angeles! All of Southern California has been experiencing a massive heat wave with record highs.  With temperatures tipping over 100 degrees at it’s peak, my wardrobe has been dictated solely by what is going to keep me cool and comfortable. For me, that means a breezy dressy and no fuss style. There’s always a way to remain stylish yet still casual and this plus size Summer dress from City Chic at Macy’s helped me to do just that. I’ve really been loving City Chic’s selection of plus size Summer dresses at Macy’s wearing this embroidered tunic dress while at Coachella and this lace insert dress in a recent Instagram post. They blend light, airy fabrics with trendy and stylish designs to create the perfect look for these warm months.

Plus Size Cold Shoulder DressWhite Straw Fedora Hat

As I’ve mentioned before, Summer is all about prints and tropical themed prints have become all the rave. This exotic garden pattern on this dress fits right in, making it a very on trend piece. And of course like most outfits, I have to add my own flair. That’s really what makes fashion fun is being able to style garments in your own way. The first thing that I reached for was this white panama hat. Hats serve two key purposes. First, they block the sun from directly hitting your face. Secondly, they add another style element to your look. Also, an added bones is that they are perfect for when you don’t feel like doing your hair (my favorite part). Macy’s has a great selection of Summer hats to choose from and I’ve listed a few of my favorites below.

The next thing was the shoes. These lace up sandals were the perfect accessory to complete this look. I am loving this style of sandal because it’s a bit more elevated than just your average. It adds a bit of a dramatic flair while still being very casual and easy to wear. Remember, it’s all about having the greatest impact with the least amount of effort.

Flowy Summer DressTropical Print Dress Fedora OutfitSo wherever you are in the world, one thing that should be a staple in your wardrobe is a plus size Summer dress. One that you can just grab and go at any moment’s notice and still look put together. That way you can remain cool, confident and of course trendy!

Outfit Details:

Dress: City Chic at Macy’s | Hat (old) | Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by Macy’s and ShopStyle. All opinions are my own