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Best of 2019: Plus Size Fashion

December 29, 2019


Here we are, at the end of 2019! What a blessing that is to say! This year has been such a transformative year for me and my career. I cannot thank you all enough for your constant love and support. It truly does not go unnoticed and I hope that I convey my gratitude to the magnitude that I feel.

I feel like I say this every year but it never stops being true. I never expected or even planned on this little blog becoming what it is today. I am often overwhelmed with thinking of TrendyCurvy’s humble beginnings and the journey that it has brought me on. Thank you for every like, every comment, every direct message…just everything. I wanted to compile ten of my top looks of the year so without further adieu, here they are. Looking forward to what 2020 has to bring!




#7: The Launch of KIN by Kristine!

#6: NYFW 2019


#4: Mocha Latte



#1: My birthday trip to Honolulu

Looking forward to what 2020 has to bring!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Sleigh the Holidays

December 22, 2019

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom. All opinions are my own

Christmas is only days away! Are you still doing holiday shopping?! I don’t know about you, but I tell myself every year that I am going to start early so that I’m not waiting until the last minute. And every year I fall into the same habits with picking up those few last minute gifts just days before Christmas. Luckily though, there are certain retailers that I depend on to help me find the perfect gifts in these final hours. One of those brands is Nordstrom.

I’ve said before that Nordstrom is one of my favorite places to shop in store. I’ve recently taken notice of their expanded plus size options that you can actually walk in, try on and then buy (what a concept). Some of my favorite brands include Leith and BP. In addition to that, they also make holiday shopping seamless. I love that they offer perks like free shipping and returns (because who needs those added expenses around this time of the year).

You can easily search through their website because they separate their “Holiday Gifts” section by recipient (Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, etc.) but also by price point. It really helps to narrow down your results. They also have curbside pickup, which is a life saver! Holiday crowds can be overwhelming to say the least, so to be able to order something online and have someone bring it to you is priceless!

You can also pick up in-store if you’d like, but I must warn you. This option comes with a high probability of walking out with additional items that you’ve purchased for yourself. I know I was and hence this outfit that I thought was just too cute! I’ve never owned a black sequin skirt before and I’m wondering why I waited so long to do so. It’s a classic piece that is still festive. You can wear it all throughout the holidays and even beyond! And don’t even get me started on this pink satin blazer! So vibrant, bold and totally chic!

Be sure to check out all of the outfit details below! If you’re still doing holiday shopping, do yourself a favor and stop by your local Nordstrom.

Outfit Details:

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Nordstrom Holiday Gift Guide

December 20, 2019

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom and ShopStyle. All opinions are my own

As we quickly approach the holidays, I’ve teamed up with Nordstrom to give you a gift guide for those last-minute purchases that you need to make. Nordstrom has something for everyone and makes things super convenient to be able to search their website. You can search by who you want the gift to go to, as well as by price point. With all of the many perks that you get with Nordstrom such as free shipping & returns, curbside pickup, etc., they make it so easy to pick up your holiday finds. Check out the video below for all of my recommendations as well as links to each of the products below.

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Back to Basics

December 15, 2019


This post is sponsored by Bare Necessities. All opinions are my own

Since I started this blog, I have been a big proponent of two things. The first is making sure that your clothes fit well no matter your size. The second is to make sure that you have the right undergarments. The two actually go hand in hand, because your undergarments can directly affect the fit of your clothes. This is especially true when it comes to bras. I’ve teamed up with Bare Necessities to highlight some of the bras they offer so that you can have the best of both worlds.

It’s no secret that I’m busty, so support is of the utmost importance when selecting undergarments. That, along with comfort, are crucial in a good bra. One great thing about Bare Necessities is that they have several ways of helping to find the right bra for you. There is an online quiz that recommends your best size, as well as Bra Fit Experts you can call to discuss your needs. It really helps make trying to find the right fit less overwhelming.

Another important factor in a bra is style. I don’t know about you, but I have tried on some great bras that looked as though they were made for a woman twice my age. It’s great to be able to have both style and function, and that’s exactly what I got in this Elomi bra available at Bare Necessities. There are so many amazing styles of bras from the many brands that Bare Necessities carries—everything from Birdsong to Curvy Couture, Wacoal and more. PLUS, they are currently running a promotion of 40% off select styles of bras! I’ve listed some of my favorites below!

Be sure to browse through the full selection so that you can find a bra that not only feels great, but looks great as well!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente