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Spring Fashion Trend: Kimonos

April 14, 2019


If you were to ask me what one of my favorites looks to wear is, it would be this. There’s something about the combination of a colorful kimono, a simple tank, great fitting skinny jeans and a trendy fedora that I just love. It’s a fairly simple outfit that anyone can put together, but it always comes off as a super stylized and chic ensemble. Plus, it’s one of those looks that you can just throw on and go at a moment’s notice. Whether you are going to brunch with friends, a casual lunch date or a cute dinner, this look can take you from day to night.

Fedoras, in my opinion, are absolute life savers. Not only are they a great accessory, but they also save you on those bad hair days or when you simply just don’t have time. This tan fedora with the black rim is a staple in my closet. It goes with just about everything and can be worn in every season. I highly recommend purchasing one to start incorporating into your looks.

At this point, I can’t even count the number of kimonos and dusters that I have. All I know is that I keep buying them. I live for a colorful kimono that just blows in the wind and is so effortless to style. This particular one is only $30 so it was an absolute no-brainer for me. Pairing it with a tan tank top that I already owned really brought out the colors and complimented the hat.

Be sure to check out the outfit details below!

Outfit details:

Kimono: Nordstrom Rack (wearing a size 1x) | Tank Top: Sejour | Jeans: KUT from the Kloth (lighter wash) | Hat: Windsor (similar) | Shoes: Kenneth Cole (similar)

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Out of the Blue

April 7, 2019


I have been a fan of Rachel Roy since as long as I can remember. Well before she came out with a plus size line, I would rock any designs that I could fit over my frame. I have always appreciated how some styles were designed with stretchier fabrics that complimented my curves. They were chic, sophisticated and unlike anything that I had seen.

Since then, Rachel Roy has thankfully expanded into plus size! And while there are many amazing pieces that are from the same aesthetic and quality as her original line, I still dabble a bit in straight sizes every now and then. That is the case with this look. I was at Macy’s and I couldn’t help but notice this bright, electric blue on the clothing rack. It stood out from all of the other items around it due to the saturation of the color. I scanned through the rack to see if they had my size and indeed, they did!

I loved it as soon as I put it on. Although simple in nature, it had a lot of details that I appreciated. From the front, it can almost be mistaken as a dress. But in fact, it is a two-piece. Each item can be styled separately but work seamlessly together. Then, in the back, there is this sleek, criss-cross feature. It’s an unexpected surprise that gives the set even more intrigue. I paired it with some INC heels that I had just bought. They paired so well and had a hint of orange that was much needed to offset all of the blue. I played off of that with an orange bag from Target & the look was complete!

Outfit details:

Top & Skirt: Rachel Roy | Shoes: INC International Concepts | Purse: Target

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Lighten Up

April 2, 2019


Confession: I used to avoid white denim completely! I was always so fearful that it would be unflattering on my body. This is partly due to the fact that it was a common “rule” that white denim on plus size women was not the best idea. As I started to explore my style more, I decided to challenge this notion and wear it anyway. And guess what? I loved it! I had been avoiding an entire garment that turned out to only enhance my style. The key that I found though, is to invest in a great, quality pair so that you feel supported and comfortable.

Ever since the launch of LOFT’s plus size line, I have become such a fan of their denim. As you can see in this post, I named them as one of my favorite brands. They offer such a great blend of stretch and structure. So, it goes without saying that their white denim follows suit. They are perfect for Spring and can bring a bright, fresh element to your look.

Since Spring is in full swing, florals are the prominent print of the season. One of my favorite garments during this time of year is the kimono. It’s one of those items that pairs easily with a myriad of different things and requires little to no effort to style. This flower branch kimono from LOFT was perfect to pair with their white denim. The dark color against the green and yellow print provides a subtle pop of color. It’s also a great contrast to the white palette underneath.

If you have not yet shopped the plus size line at LOFT, you are definitely missing out. They have such a wide range of styles from casual to wear-to-work and even swimwear. With inclusive sizing from a 16 to a 26, it is evident that they are dedicated to providing quality to their plus size consumers. Be sure to check out the outfit details below so that you, too, can be on-trend for Spring!

Outfit details:

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by LOFT. All opinions are my own

Perfectly Printed

March 31, 2019

I am, quite honestly, obsessed with bright colors. I love walking into a room, wearing something vibrant and totally just lighting up the space. Especially during this time of year, I crave all things colorful after the absence of it all Winter long. So, it goes without saying that this skirt from Eloquii spoke to my soul. When I stumbled on it while doing some online browsing, I stopped in my tracks. The print was really unique, bold and very intriguing. I only hoped that it was as striking in person as it seemed to be online. To my pleasant surprise, it was even more saturated in person. The mixture of the oceanic, aqua blue against the tropical coral just made me fall in love instantly! It was definitely a keeper.

Once you get past admiring the print, you will notice some other pretty fantastic things about this skirt. The first, it has pockets! This is not a drill. Two perfectly placed pocket is just everything I wanted and needed. Then, as you move around in it, you will also see that it has slits in the sides that just make it so breathable and “gone with the wind fabulous”. The top of the skirt has a paper bag waistband with a built in belt to cinch in your waist. The construction of it is just amazing.

Since it is evident that the skirt is the star, I paired it with a simple white v-neck top. I really wanted to play with it though so I decided to tie the bottom of it up in a knot. It created a DIY crop top and really played off of the paper bag structure underneath. Then, I had the most perfect pair of high heels sandals that looked as though they were made for this look. Unfortunately, they are old but I linked as similar a pair as I could find in the details below. If you get nothing else though, you need this skirt. Thank me later.

Outfit details:

Top: Express | Skirt: Eloquii | Shoes: Nine West (old). Similar here

Photographer: Steve Suavemente