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Winter Neutrals

January 26, 2020


Have you ever tried to style an outfit using solely neutral colors? Neutrals are sometimes seen as dull and boring but really are the complete opposite. Colors like grey, tan, beige and more are considered neutrals and are typically paired with other bolder colors and prints. However, when you pair them together, they can really make a chic, cohesive look. One of the great things about neutral tones is that they can be mixed and matched very easily. So, I wanted to style my own take on a Winter Neutrals outfit.

Wide Calf Boots

A Winter wardrobe essential is a great pair of boots. If you have wide calves like me, that can be a somewhat difficult task. There aren’t nearly as many options for wide calves, fashionable boots out there Luckily, I stumbled upon these beautiful camel colored, suede boots on Simply Be’s site. The site lists the calf circumference per size, which is super helpful because not all wide calf boots are created equal. I got them in the mail and they fit perfectly. I highly recommend!

Mixing Winter Neutrals

As I mentioned earlier, mixing neutrals to make your own look is very simple. Really, you can’t go wrong. The colors are more muted so essentially, any combination can work. I have always loved the grey and brown blend since I first encountered it in fashion. So of course when I got my own opportunity to style these colors, I took full advantage.

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Outfit Details:

Top: Target | Skirt: Torrid (sold out). Similar here and here | Boots: Simply Be*| Bag: Sole Society (old)

*BOOT FIT NOTES: Simply Be boots are offered in various calf sizes as well as shoe widths. If you click on “Size Guide” and make sure you are on the “Find You Calf Width” tab, you will see all of the measurements per size. The only options for this particular shoe are Standard & Super Curvy, EEE and E. From the size guide, select your shoe size in either the E or EEE to see the calf widths. I based my decision on calf width only (Standard or Super Curvy) because that matters the most for boots. My calves measure at about 19.5 inches so I ordered a size 10 E in the Super Curvy.

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Hats Off

January 19, 2020


One of my favorite Winter accessories is hands down a sleek fedora hat. Fedoras can work in any season really as you can see that I have styled it for the Spring, Summer, Fall and now Winter. They can instantly amp up any outfit, even the most basic look. They also are great for those bad hair days or days where you just don’t feel like styling it. With the wide range of versatility that fedoras give you, they are my top recommendation for must-have accessories in your Winter wardrobe.

The Perfect Winter Fedora

It can be somewhat difficult trying to find a great hat that not only suits you, but that also fits your head (very important detail). The way that I discovered hats that worked for me was by trying a bunch of different brands until I found the right ones. Those are the brands that I continue to go back to. However, I wouldn’t recommend that approach since that takes a lot of time and energy. The best way is by actually measuring the circumference of your head. Most brands have that information in the description so you can know before your buy that it will fit. My favorite brands include Aldo, Forever 21 and Brixton (available at Nordstrom).

California Winter Outfit

So I know what you all are thinking. I live in Los Angeles so this look is nowhere near a “true” Winter outfit. And yes, I understand that most of the country cannot wear an off-the-shoulder top in January. However, it’s all about inspiration, right? You can take these elements to create your own style. Instead of an off the shoulder top, you can pair your fedora with a chic, black coat or chunky sweater. Whatever works best for you!

Shop my entire look below. Happy shopping and hats off to you!

Outfit Details:

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Cargo Chic

January 12, 2020


How is everyone’s 2020 going so far?! We are a little over a week in and I’m still formulating my goals and resolutions. I know I’m late, but better late than never, right? The point is that they are being made. As I mentioned in my last post, I really believe that this year is the year of transformation in whatever form that may be. The fact that we are in a new decade and that this year has the connotation of 2020 vision is no accident. So, I am taking my time and being intentional about the goals I set.

While I am doing that, I am still going to be me and dress the best way that I know how. Style in and of itself can be transformative. It can change the way that you feel about yourself and that’s really powerful. I have utilized that to see myself in the best light possible and this blog is to help others do the same.

So this look, like many others, is very much me. I think it’s a great blend of casual and chic. The cargo pants give off utility vibes with a slight nod to 90’s style. They can be dressed up or down, classic or unconventional. I decided to go the classic route with a crisp white blouse. I love that it is a long-line top that you can wear as is or tie up as I have done. The outfit needed a different element in my opinion so a pop of color was the perfect solution. With these pink pumps, this look was complete!

Outfit Details:

Top: Macy’s | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Ted Baker

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

2020 Vision

January 5, 2020


This is my first blog post on 2020! I still cannot believe that we are in a new decade but I am so excited for new beginnings and new opportunity. I know that it sounds cliche but I love writing out goals, resolutions and really taking the time to plan what you envision your year ahead to be. Although things never go exactly as planned, it’s a nice time to reflect on the year past and hit the refresh button.

One thing that I hope that you strive for in this new year is to love on yourself a little bit more. And that can be whatever that looks like to you. What makes you happy? What makes you feel fulfilled in life? What little things can you do daily to concentrate on your well-being? I believe that all of your aspirations start with you and how you feel about your existence. So, it’s really important to give yourself a little wellness check and take some time to think about you.

So, let’s discuss this look a bit. One thing that I don’t think that is going to change much in this new year is my style. I still love a good pencil skirt and that will always be one of my go-tos. I will always love rich, vibrant colors so of course, this wine was a must-have for my wardrobe. I paired it with this cute crop top that I think went perfectly with the color of the skirt. To finish it off, one of my favorite pairs of leopard pumps. New year, same me!

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21 (wearing size 1x) | Skirt: JcPenney (wearing size XL) | Shoes: Sam Edelman

Photographer: Steve Suavemente