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Perfectly Printed

March 31, 2019

I am, quite honestly, obsessed with bright colors. I love walking into a room, wearing something vibrant and totally just lighting up the space. Especially during this time of year, I crave all things colorful after the absence of it all Winter long. So, it goes without saying that this skirt from Eloquii spoke to my soul. When I stumbled on it while doing some online browsing, I stopped in my tracks. The print was really unique, bold and very intriguing. I only hoped that it was as striking in person as it seemed to be online. To my pleasant surprise, it was even more saturated in person. The mixture of the oceanic, aqua blue against the tropical coral just made me fall in love instantly! It was definitely a keeper.

Once you get past admiring the print, you will notice some other pretty fantastic things about this skirt. The first, it has pockets! This is not a drill. Two perfectly placed pocket is just everything I wanted and needed. Then, as you move around in it, you will also see that it has slits in the sides that just make it so breathable and “gone with the wind fabulous”. The top of the skirt has a paper bag waistband with a built in belt to cinch in your waist. The construction of it is just amazing.

Since it is evident that the skirt is the star, I paired it with a simple white v-neck top. I really wanted to play with it though so I decided to tie the bottom of it up in a knot. It created a DIY crop top and really played off of the paper bag structure underneath. Then, I had the most perfect pair of high heels sandals that looked as though they were made for this look. Unfortunately, they are old but I linked as similar a pair as I could find in the details below. If you get nothing else though, you need this skirt. Thank me later.

Outfit details:

Top: Express | Skirt: Eloquii | Shoes: Nine West (old). Similar here

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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