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Haute Curves for LA Fashion Week

October 13, 2013

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Haute Curves show for LA Fashion Week, presented by Elite Curves International. Haute Curves is the first plus size show to hit LA Fashion Week and this year, seven independent designers were showcased. Best of all, Haute Curves added a charitable aspect to the show by partnering with City of Hope, a local charity that provides emotional and educational support to those touched with breast cancer and facilitate breast health care services. All around, it was an exciting and powerful night for women! Here are some of my favorite looks from last night’s show:

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In addition to the fashion, I met two fabulous sisters named Alicia and Arianne Suggs. These ladies are the editors of a new digital publication called 1966 Magazine “the new guilty pleasure for women who want to know the latest trends in fashion, beauty, hair, travel, entertainment and lifestyle”. Be sure to check them out!

Pictures courtesy of Thomas Kim Photography (http://thomashwankim.com/)

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