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July 9, 2017








I am a firm believer that what you give out is what you will receive. Who you are is what you will attract. Energy is neither created nor destroyed but rather it transforms from one thing to the next. So that means we are in a constant state of reciprocity. This is one of the greatest reasons why loving yourself and being confident in who you are is so important. It allows you to attract the right energy and the right people into your life. And although self-love is in no way an easy journey, you will find that even along the way the world begins to open up to you in a way that you never could have imagined. That love and positivity that you feel about yourself is contagious and it will transfer to the next person and the next person and so on. But it has to start with you!

I found this mural while driving in downtown Los Angeles and I just knew it was perfect for this look. Aside from the colors matching so well with my outfit, the hearts symbolized much more than just a cute backdrop. I felt like it was fate. I know that sounds a little dramatic but I believe that signs come in small forms. I have not always been comfortable in my skin and trust me I still have my moments. However, by taking a leap of faith with starting this blog and showcasing myself as a plus size woman in a positive & stylish way, I have received SO much love in return. I may have inspired some of you but that energy that you have given me has inspired and uplifted me ten fold. Hence my earlier point, what you exude will not only transfer to the next person but it always has a way of circling back around to its origin. Let’s all take a moment to give love to not only others but ourselves too. Your life will change for the better.

Outfit details:

Top: Lane Bryant | Jeans: Old Navy (wearing size 18) | Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar) | Clutch: Sole Society

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

TrendyCurvy Travels: New Orleans

July 5, 2017





Outfit details – Duster: RUE107 | Crop Top: Forever 21 (similar) | Skirt: ASOS (wearing size 14)

Hi my loves! I’ve just returned from my trip to New Orleans and I have so much to share with you about it. It was my very first time in New Orleans and I was fortunate enough to be working with Ford Motor Company as they are an official sponsor of the Essence Music Festival. This 4th of July weekend was filled with empowering panels, energetic crowds and of course delicious food. So let’s get into it!

Where I stayed

Let’s start off with my hotel. I stayed at the Royal Sonesta that is located in the heart of the French Quarter right on Bourbon street. You are literally in the midst of all the action and let me tell you it can get a little crazy. However, the Royal Sonesta is a gem that offers a peaceful retreat from the happenings on Bourbon. The hotel has that classic New Orleans decor with huge crystal chandeliers as you walk through the lobby and wrap around balconies that is the trademark of the French Quarter. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated.





Day 1

As soon as I landed in New Orleans, I hit the ground running. Ford Motor Company wanted to do something special for all those attending Essence Festival that were Ford Owners. So they decided to have a VIP reception on the second floor of the Convention Center. The special guest was comedian and host of The Real, Loni Love, and I was helping to host as guests arrived. Ford Motor Company has had the highest level of loyalty among African Americans so they really wanted to celebrate that and offer a token of appreciation.


Outfit details – Dress: ASOS


I spent the rest of the day hanging out at the Ford booth downstairs at the Convention Center. Their booth had a “Block Party” theme with a DJ, musical performances, interviews with celebrities and more!



After I finished up at the Convention Center, I hit the picturesque New Orleans streets. I absolutely love the architecture and the whole vibe of the city. There is so much history with buildings that date back hundreds of years. This Simply Be Kaftan blended in with the colorful buildings and vibrant people.




Outfit details – Kaftan: Simply Be | Dress: Venus | Shoes: INC International Concepts | Clutch: INC International Concepts

Day 2

My second day in New Orleans, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel in the Ford Lounge called “Financial Winning”. Tiffany Aliche, also known as The Budgetnista, broke down everything you need to know about finances from budgeting to saving and most of all credit! As someone who chose a somewhat unconventional career path, I gained a wealth of knowledge from the talk and could really offer a unique perspective that many young entrepreneurs are faced with. It’s all about making your money “Go Further”!





Outfit details – Dress: ASOS

Day 3

I had some downtime so I tried to take in as much of the sights and sounds of New Orleans as I could. There is live music everywhere so I just walked all around the city in awe of this beautiful place. This red dress was perfect for the heat and humidity (which was no joke by the way!). It allowed for a cute yet ultra comfortable look.





Outfit details – Dress: RUE107 | Purse: Target

Before I headed home, I had one mission: to eat some beignets! So I went to none other than the famous Cafe Du Monde for this iconic New Orleans treat. The humidity had definitely gotten to me at this point so I opted for a white fedora to help keep me cool. Color was the theme of all of my looks and these Simply Be printed pants fit right in.




Outfit details – Top: Simply Be | Pants: Simply Be (would recommend sizing up) | Fedora: Amazon




Thank you so much to Ford Motor Company for this amazing opportunity! Also thank you to the Royal Sonesta for the southern hospitality. New Orleans, you definitely made a lasting impression on me and I will be back!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own

Neon Bright

July 2, 2017








Neon colors are meant for the Summertime. These ultra bright shades are most certainly eye-catching and are a perfect match for a bright sun. They are fun, vibrant and encompass everything that the Summer is all about!

You ladies know that I love fitted pencil skirts so this one caught my eye for several reasons. The color of course is what initially got my attention but I also love the flounce detail at the bottom. The flounce hem enhances the skirt by adding a cute and frilly detail. It also, enhances your shape by showing off your curves! The volume at the bottom highlights your shape and helps to create that hourglass figure.

Neons are best paired with other bright colors so little touches of bright pink with my purse and lipstick did just the trick. I also went with a simple white high neck bodysuit to complete the look. This is Summer personified!

Outfit details:

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Ashley Stewart | Clutch: ASOS

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Girl Power…Always

June 27, 2017




As women, we are connected by our many commonalities. No matter where you’re from or what your background is, our universal community shares a common thread. We experience things that only our fellow sisters can relate to and only we know the joys & struggles that come along with womanhood. We come from all walks of life yet we are still united. Our unity is our power!

So with that said, we all can relate to the topic of fit. On the blog, I preach about wearing garments that fit your shape because that is the most important thing when it comes to style. And we know all too well that one size definitely does not fit all. Clothes should be tailored to suit your size in particular so that they make you look as great as possible. So the question is, why can’t that same principle translate to feminine products? If women aren’t one size fits all, why should we wear the same size pad?


I’ve teamed up with Always to talk about their new My Fit feminine hygiene pads and to shed some light on how fit DOES matter. Did you know that 60% of women are wearing the wrong size pads? This results in nearly 80% of women experiencing leaks during their period. So in other words, you’re not the only one! Now I don’t know about you, but I just thought that was something that came with the territory. However, the team at Always discovered that the main reason for leaks is because of the wrong size pad. So they developed the new Always My Fit™ system that offers different sizes so that YOU can choose the right fit for your body and flow.



The system is numerically sized 1 through 5 with both day and night protection. There’s a sizing chart on the top of each pack so that it is easy find your best fit based on your underwear size and flow. There’s even a super a convenient online quiz to help you figure out your best fit. Cool right?  The most important thing that this offers is options. As plus size women especially, we know what it feels like to not have as many options that fit our bodies as our smaller counterparts. Women come in all shapes and sizes so in every area that is related to a woman’s body, there should be a wide range of sizes. Always My Fit™ does just that and that’s something that I can definitely get behind.



So ladies, be sure to try these out for yourself and continue to be the powerful, unique and confident women that I know you to be!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by Always. All opinions are my own

Palm Breeze

June 25, 2017








Prints are probably my favorite thing when it comes to fashion. I just love the uniqueness that it can bring to even the simplest of looks. With Summer officially here, many prints are following the tropical trend that has infiltrated the market. From palm trees to tropical flowers to even fruit prints, these details add a fun element that is totally fitting for the season.

If you are not already aware, I was born and raised in California. I have lived in the Los Angeles area all of my life so when I saw this palm tree print skirt, I knew that I had to have it. Southern California is known for its sunny skies and palm tree lined streets so of course I needed to add this to my wardrobe. And of course in true Kristine fashion, I had to add a pop of color. I thought that orange was an unexpected color combination and added to fun spirit of the look. As always, outfit details are added below!

Outfit details:

Top: JcPenney | Skirt: New York & Company (wearing size 18) | Shoes: INC International Concepts

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Giving Back w/ Tampax

June 20, 2017


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I teamed up with Tampax to do a really special thing. Tampax presented this amazing opportunity to facilitate a donation of 40,000 tampons to an organization of my choice. I love that my platform allows me to collaborate with brands that are really passionate about giving back. Although clothes and fashion are great, the real core of what having a following is all about is being able to impact the lives of those around you. So I am tremendously blessed be a vehicle to give some much needed feminine hygiene products to an organization that is doing just that.


The organization of my choice is the Midnight Mission located in downtown Los Angeles. According to the LA Times, Los Angeles has a homeless population of approximately 47,000 people and “has more chronically homeless than any other city”. Skid Row, located in the heart of Los Angeles, contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States. Midnight Mission is a beacon of light situated at the start of Skid Row. They offer “a bridge to self-sufficiency for people experiencing homelessness through recovery services, counseling, education, training, workforce development and continued care services”.





I had the opportunity to visit the mission to see the donation from Tampax. To see so many boxes of feminine hygiene products stacked up in their warehouse was an incredible sight. I know that a lot of women are going to benefit from Tampax’s generosity as they go down the road to recovery and a better life.




Thank you Tampax for your commitment to empowering women all around the world to be happier, healthier and more confident!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by Tampax. All opinions are my own

Summer Chic

June 18, 2017








Although Summer is all about the bright colors and vibrant tones, some of the more neutral, cooler tones also have a place. Pastels are most popular in the Spring however Spring/Summer are so similar in terms in style that they can easily be intermixed. This flounce top from Forever 21 is such a cute Summer style. Off the shoulder ruffle tops are already so popular right now as you’ve seen me wear many times on my blog so this is a different take on that style. This top comes in 3 colors and I really gravitated towards this baby blue color. It’s a color that I really don’t have too much of in my closet and I thought that it would be a great compliment to my skin tone.

Because the top is such a light tone, I couldn’t think of a better garment to pair with it than a white skirt. Although I don’t wear white too often, sometimes it really is that perfect piece that you need to complete your look. To keep with the light neutrals, I finished off this outfit with beige accessories that kept with the color scheme. Try out your own neutral look this season!

Outfit details: 

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Fashion to Figure | Shoes: Charles David

Photographer: Steve Suavemente