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Mustard & Maroon

December 10, 2017








You want to know a fun fact about me? I don’t have a favorite color and I never have. Is that weird? I just don’t know how you can choose just ONE color!  In a world full of amazing colors, I can’t fathom narrowing it down to one favorite. I guess thats the Gemini in me though that has a hard time making decisions. I would like to think that this way of being has worked in my favor actually because I am completely open to any and all colors and color combinations. As you all know, I just love to color block and this look is just that.

The great thing about Fall/Winter colors is that they pair so easily with one another. I don’t think there is any Fall tone that can’t go with another in some way. From blush and olive, to olive and mustard, to mustard and wine, to wine back to blush! It just makes a full circle of endless possibilities.

So for this look, I loved the richness and warmth of both colors and how they complemented one another. This mustard jacket can be worn with just about anything under the sun and this wine bodycon dress is a great staple for layered looks. This dress is actually a maternity dress (no I am not pregnant) but it was in a color that I was looking for. I ordered it in a size down and it fits quite well. The added fabric in the midsection area creates a ruching effect which I think is actually flattering. It fits, its cute and it works so there’s no shame in my game, okay?

Outfit details: 

Jacket: Charlotte Russe (wearing size 1x) | Dress: ASOS (wearing size 14) | Shoes: Nine West

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Sequin Season

December 3, 2017








I don’t know about you but as soon as Thanksgiving ends, I’m scouring retail sites looking for all things sequins. The holiday season is the only time of year that you can wear all out sparkle and no one will think twice about it. All of the glitz and glam gets me into the holiday spirit and I just feel so festive!…in a modern, chic kinda way. My go-to for each holiday season is a sequin skirt. They are a mainstay year after year yet I never seem to get tired of them. There’s such a limited window where they can be worn that I like to take full advantage. This look is no exception.

Now what says Christmas more than a green sequin pencil skirt?! It’s perfect to wear to holiday parties, brunch with friends and everything in between. I love to mix different elements into my looks so I thought the leather and sequins would be the perfect “opposites attract” moment. However, I could easily swap out the leather jacket for a blazer if I wanted a more dressy look. And of course I had to finish off my outfit with gold accessories which are my favorite. Not that I have anything against silver, I just much prefer gold. And there you have it! Sequins season has officially commenced. Sparkle on my loves!

Outfit details:

Jacket: Old Navy (similar) | Tank Top: Old Navy | Skirt: Charlotte Russe (wearing 2x)

See cute options for sequin skirts below:

Photographer: Steve Suavemente


November 26, 2017








Over-the-knee boots are the iconic footwear of Fall/Winter. Every year I see celebrities and fashionistas rock these boots with each fierce look and for a while I was envious because I could not find any that fit me. I’m sure like some of you, I have wide calves so that was already a struggle in and of itself. Then you add my thighs into the equation and you can just forget about it. I can’t tell you how many failed attempts that I’ve had but finally retailers started to catch on that us wide-calf, thick thigh ladies were being left out. So you know I took full advantage and rock them whenever I get a chance.

So this look is all about the boots or at least that’s how it all started. I snagged these faux suede OTK boots from Charlotte Russe and it was love at first sight. I just knew that I was going to build an outfit around them. The burgundy paired so well with light grey so I created a monochromatic top and bottom to highlight the combination. A fedora was necessary to complete the look and luckily I had one in my closet that matched the boots perfectly. Don’t you just love when that happens?! It was meant to be and was the perfect accessory to top off my outfit!

Outfit details:

Hat: (Forever 21 similar) | Sweater: Old Navy | Jeans: Old Navy (similar) | Boots: Charlotte Russe

*Fit notes: These are not wide calf boots however they do have stretch. I typically have to wear wide calf boots especially with over the knee but these fit comfortably. The widest part of my calf measures at 18.5″.

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Give Thanks

November 20, 2017








Thanksgiving is this Thursday! Can you believe it?! Seems like the holiday season always creeps up on me and it can sometimes be overwhelming with all the things that need to be done to prepare. However, it’s so important to step back & realize that even in the midst of the chaos, the true meaning of Thanksgiving is just what the name suggests – to give thanks! There are SO many things to be thankful for as I’m sure you all can agree. From family to health to happiness and the list goes on. I’ve teamed up with Gwynnie Bee on this post to not only showcase a great Thanksgiving look that I snagged from their site but to also answer a few fun holiday questions. Would love to know some of your answers as well!

Favorite Thanksgiving Tradition: Hands down preparing and cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my mom and sister while listening (and singing) to oldies and Christmas music

Black Friday or Cyber Monday: Cyber Monday! Black Friday is overated

Give us a tip for what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers: I wish that I had something inventive or creative to share but I literally just eat them until I can’t anymore

Do you travel or host for the holidays: Host. Holidays are always spent at my parents house which is still like my home so I don’t have to go far

Do you prefer to dress up for the holidays or dress for comfort: I try to do a mixture of both. I think comfort is key for the holidays since they are typically long days however its such a special time that dressing up just fits the occasion.

I hope that you all have a blessed Thanksgiving! Love you guys! xoxo

Outfit details:

Skirt: Melissa McCarthy via Gwynnie Bee*

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by Gwynnie Bee. All opinions are my own


November 19, 2017









If I had to name one item that is the most popular garment for the Fall/Winter seasons year after year, it would be a camel trench. It infiltrates blogs, fashion magazines and just the whole fashion scene as thee must-have item. It combines function and style and like all great outerwear is super versatile.

There are a myriad a different trench coats out there from long to short and from lightweight to heavy duty. I tend to lean more towards the lightweight jackets since I live in Los Angeles and there’s no real need to own a coat (sorry East Coast). However, I could always layer if I needed to. This particular one is from fellow blogger Lovely in LA’s collection with Just Fab! For this look, I wanted the trench to shine and to highlight the beauty of a simple yet classic outfit. A black turtleneck dress was the perfect pairing for that. It’s very girl boss chic as I’d like to put it. And you all know that I had to add a little bit of flair even when styling towards the simpler side so I finished it off with my fave leopard pumps. Modern business woman goals….check!

Outfit Details:

Jacket: JustFab (alternative jacket from ASOS) | Dress: Forever 21 (similar) | Shoes: Vince Camuto (similar)  | Bag: MANGO (similar)

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

Full Circle

November 14, 2017








Temperatures are definitely starting to cool and Winter is just on the horizon. Sweater weather is in full effect! Turtlenecks, scarves, booties and the like are becoming my go-to pieces to keep warm during this time of year. A great sweater is a must-have in your Fall wardrobe because of how versatile it is. Never underestimate a black turtleneck. Although simple, it’s almost like an LBD in that it is a great basic to wear on its own, layer or style however you’d like to. I decided to pair my sweater with a olive green midi skirt. I absolutely love midis and this color is the quintessential embodiment of Fall. Modcloth has hands down the best selection of midi skirts and this was the perfect piece to go with this look. There was not much more that I needed to add to the outfit so I went with metallic bronze pumps and a brown clutch. Easy, stylish and timeless!

Outfit details:

Top | Skirt: Modcloth*

Fit notes: Wearing a size 1x in the top and 2x in the skirt

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

*This post is sponsored by Modcloth. All opinions are my own


November 12, 2017








In the spirit of Thanksgiving that is right around the corner, I’m rocking this cranberry duster jacket for my OOTD. While cranberry sauce is far from my favorite Thanksgiving side (don’t debate me lol), cranberry colored garments are a whole different story. All within the wine/burgundy family that Fall fashion is so well known for, this jacket is sleek, eye catching and oh-so chic!

To contrast the cranberry and add a bit of edge to the look, I paired it with faux leather pants and a black tank top. When wearing black on black or any monochromatic look for that matter, the garments tend to blend together for obvious reasons. However, if you infuse different textures like leather, it helps to break things up and make the outfit a bit more dynamic. I finished off the look with a matching cranberry purse that I got from Modcloth. I love when you get two items from different stores yet they go together perfectly as if that was the way they were always meant to be worn.  With nude pumps and my go-to gold accessories, I am ready for the holidays!

Outfit details:

Duster: Boohoo | Tank Top: Old Navy | Leather Pants: Celebrity Pink | Bag: Modcloth

Photographer: Steve Suavemente