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I’m a girl that loves her fair share of glamour and flashy things but every now and then, I just want to be simple. There’s something about an understated look that marries comfort and style together. It’s like you can finally exhale from the everyday “beauty is pain” mantra. A great pair of jeans, a super soft top and minimal accessories are the perfect elements to an easy going outfit.

If you are following me on Instagram (which you should be), you know that I just posted about this cool new app called Fitbay. This app takes your body type information (weight, height, shape, etc.) and they provide you with other users of the app that are your “body doubles”. By following your body doubles, you can see what their favorite clothing items are AND (here’s the best part) the size that they bought. How many times have you shopped online and wondered which size would fit you best? Let’s face it, those sizing charts aren’t exactly accurate. By using the app, you can not only get style inspiration but fit information to find the best clothes for your shape. Be sure to download the app and find my profile: Outfit details will be posted there!

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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It’s Just Black & White


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Black and white will never go out of style. It’s one of those timeless fashion combinations that never cease to die out. Because the staples are so basic and minimal, it allows for so much versatility with prints, textures, accessories and more. I personally can’t get enough of black, white and gold (hence my outfit). I first spotted the skirt and fell in love with the large print. Also the slit in the front was a nice touch. I already had in my mind how I wanted to style it and everything just came together (I love when that happens!).

Now we must talk about my shoes! How many of my ladies have large feet (size 10 and up)? It can be a struggle finding cute shoes in your size, right? Well my dear friend has solved this problem for us by creating a shoe line specifically for sizes 10-13. And they are fabulous honey! You can find the complete line on her website, Smash Shoes. I’m wearing the ‘Mercedes’ pair and I have probably worn them three times already since I got them a week ago. This pair, along with many others, are stylish, on trend and most importantly in your size. Please support the launch of her new company! As a young woman of color, I couldn’t be more proud to call her a friend and now entrepreneur. Buy a pair and tell a friend. Be sure to hashtag #smashshoes!

Outfit Details:

Top: ASOS | Belt: ASOS | Skirt: JCPenney | Bag: H&M | Shoes: Smash Shoes

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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Down to Earth


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A few weeks ago, I posted this leather moto jacket on my Facebook page as a Fall must-have. I spotted it while surfing the web and doing some online shopping. At the time, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the jacket BUT after some thought, I came to the realization that I needed it (well, maybe not need but seriously want). The price was very reasonable and I loved the color. When I finally received it in the mail, I knew that I had made the right decision. It’s the perfect staple piece that can complement many different garments from dresses to jeans to skirts. Not to mention, the fit is amazing. I paired my moto jacket with a charcoal grey bodycon dress to get those earthly tones and to complete the look, I wore leopard pumps that brought everything together.

Outfit Details:

Jacket: Jou Jou | Dress: Old Navy | Shoes: Nine West

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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Meet In The Midi


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Midi skirt are all the rave right now and I, for one, have been obsessed with them for quite some time. Midi skirts are perfect for curvy women like me because they accentuate the waist and camouflage wider hips. Not to mention they are just so darn girly and cute!

I bought this midi skirt from Topshop. I fell in love with the colors and the slits on the sides just set it off. I wanted the African-like print to shine so I keep everything else pretty simple except for my shoes, which just so happen to match perfectly (don’t you love when that happens?). Unfortunately, this particular skirt doesn’t seem to be available online anymore but not to worry, I have listed some other fabulous midi skirts for you to rock this season!

Midi Skirts:

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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Fall in Love


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This Fall, there are certain items that I have fallen in love with (and therefore it’s only right that you do too). Amongst them are dark lipsticks such as this beautiful shade, fabulous booties from Vince Camuto and of course, moto jackets. In this post, I am wearing a moto jacket from last season but there are plenty of options from the economical Forever 21 to the mid priced Jou Jou jacket to the splurge-worthy City Chic.

I have also fallen in love with this skirt from Eloquii. It’s the perfect compliment to Fall styles and can bring any look to life. I love the bold red color with the asymmetrical stripes. It definitely has that “wow” factor.

What have you fallen in love with this Fall?

Outfit details:

Jacket: Similar here and here | Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Eloquii | Shoes: G by Guess

Photography: Steve Suavemente

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Houndstooth is a print that is considered to be a classic. Time after time, season after season, this print reemerges in a new and fresh way. From the runways of Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel to everyday folks like me, houndstooth is one of those styles that can transcend across all walks of life. You would think that with such a bold print as this there wouldn’t be much room for versatility but every year I’m excited at how this trend has transformed.

I absolutely love this set. Its classic but in an edgy and modern way. The fit is reminiscent of a knee length bodycon although its actually separates and the blue color is an unexpected surprise. With simple black and gold accents, it’s sure to be a showstopper.

Outfit details:

Photographer: Steve Suavemente

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It’s a Celebration

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Today officially marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Crazy, right? Time has flown by! To think that exactly one year ago, I was uploading photos for my first ever post, Animal Instincts, nervous about how I looked, worried about people would say and just anxious about this new journey that I was embarking on. I remember the night before the post, I thought to myself “I need to write some sort of introduction”, an ice breaker if you will. I can’t just throw these pictures out there without letting people get to know me a little bit, right? So I decided to write this message. In rereading the note, I couldn’t help but smile because a lot of it still rings true to this day. I’m still just trying to keep up – with fashion trends, with my career and with life in general. I think we can all relate to that feeling but what I have discovered is that everyone is on the same journey which means that no one has made it to their destination. We are all striving for greater things so with that, we will all fall short at times and that’s OK! I’ve had some hits in the past year, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of misses, blogging and otherwise. However, it’s not about tallying up the good versus the bad, it’s about discovering who you are and walking in your purpose. It may not be clear now, it isn’t quite clear for me, but as I continue to eliminate fear, doubt, insecurities, etc., things just seem to fall into place. When I started this blog, it was simply going to be a hobby for me or a creative outlet, but it has turned into so much more. To be an inspiration to women that I have never met before is a true honor but is in no way a testament to just me. This is bigger than me and I can only hope that my actions continue to inspire and uplift women everywhere.

Before I wrap this up, I cannot let this moment pass without thanking some very influential people who have helped me along the way. Que the music and let me start my “I’d like to thank God, I’d like to thank my fans” speech. Where is my award anyway?! But in all seriousness, I have been blessed with the most supportive and motivating friends and family I could ever ask for. They have been on this ride right along with me celebrating every accomplishment and denying every hiccup (we all need a dose of false reality every now and then). My amazing photographer, Steve Suavemente, who captures my essence like no one else and who has been everything from my “does this look right?” person, to my editor, to my planner and more. Thank you for sacrificing your time to help make this blog possible. And last but not least, thank YOU for rocking with me for this long. I read all of your comments and I try my best to respond to each and every message I receive. Everything from your encouraging words to your “YASSSSSSSS WERK” comments just brighten my day more than you know.

Here’s to one year down and many more to go!




Outfit details:

Bikini Top: City Chic | Skirt: Forever 21 | Blouse: H&M

Photographer: Steve Suavemente


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